No More Typing!

Above 90% User Adoption

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The CRM you and your sales team will love!

No More Typing!

No more typing! Sales reps aren't built to be data entry clerks. Unlike traditional CRM products, Telenotes has designed a solution with this in mind. We have created a CRM that gives your sales reps a virtual secretary. Your reps will simply dictate all of their sales activities and other information, rather than typing it in themselves.


Your reps dictated recording will be transcribed by a live personal assistant. They will place the data into the proper fields, create follow up tasks, set up appointments, and relay all the details to designated team members.


Above 90% User Adoption

Since our system is so easy use, integration into your organization is seamless. Your sales reps will love to use Telenotes because it saves them the hassle of typing all of the data themselves.

80% Less Admin Time = More Time Selling

With Telenotes, your sales reps will spend a fraction of the time entering in their sales information. They are no longer spending upwards of 10 hours per week typing up their sales reports. They simply dictate their sales call, and move on to the next customer!


Now that your sales reps are spending less time entering in their information, they have more time to do what they do best! This means more face to face customer interaction, more time to work deals, and ultimately, more sales.

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